DIY Acrylic Paint Organizer

What could be more crafty than crafting something to hold your craft supplies? I don’t even know, friends! What I do know is that I wanted my craft area in my apartment to be organized and to utilize my space as efficiently as possible. One of my favorite projects that helped make that a reality are these acrylic paint organizers. They are super simple to put together, inexpensive, and make great use of vertical space by hanging on the wall. Paints can be such a pain to store and then sift through when you need them, and this turned out to be the best solution!


  • Wooden spice rack from IKEA
  • Spray paint (I used white, but use any color you like)
  • Clear finishing spray (my favorite is Rustoleum Matte Finish)

How To Make It

  1. Build your spice racks following the instructions and using the hardware provided.
  2. Spray paint the shelves following the instructions on your spray paint can for how long it needs to dry to touch and handle. Apply 2-3 coats. Then, spray on clear finishing spray and let dry completely.
  3. Hang up on your wall using nails or command strips, and place paints inside.

Do you have other projects that have helped you organize your craft space in a creative way? Share in the comments below!


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